Does Dr. Karpman perform the Minimally Invasive procedure?

Yes, Dr Karpman has performed both the traditional penoscrotal and the minimally invasive infrapubic approach. The preference is to always perform the minimally invasive infrapubic approach because of the small (3 cm) incision, minimal dissection required, decreased healing time and convalescence associated with the minimally invasive infrapubic approach. The surgery is done under general, regional or local anesthesia and takes 20- 30 minutes for the entire procedure. Patients are able to cycle the pump mechanism and resume normal activities faster than with the penoscrotal approach, usually returning to full sexual function in 3 weeks. Dr Karpman has trained numerous other surgeons on his minimally invasive technique and an instructional video has been developed of his procedure. You can watch a full length video of Dr Karpman performing the minimally invasive penile implant surgery:

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