What types of Penile Implant is right for me?

There are three general different designs when it comes to these implants. The implants are made in a malleable form, two-piece and three-piece inflatable prosthesis. Based on manual dexterity, medical co-morbidities and previous surgeries, Dr Karpman will help select the penile prosthesis that is right for you.

The malleable prosthesis is ideal for patients with problems with manual dexterity or significant previous abdominal surgery. AMS 600 Malleable Implant
The 2-piece prosthesis is for patients with significant previous abdominal surgery but who desire a more natural feeling prosthesis than a malleable can offer. Ambicor
The 3-piece prosthesis is ideal for patients who desire a natural feeling erection. The 3-piece penile prosthesis is completely flaccid when deflated and more rigid when erect than a 2-piece prosthesis. AMS 700

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