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Urologist In Los Gatos And Mountain View

Male sexual health problems are some of the common issues affecting the quality of life for men in this country. Dr. Edward Karpman at El Camino Urology Medical Group in Mountain View is dedicated to providing up-to-date and comprehensive information about the most common male sexual health problems.

With decades of experience helping men treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, male enhancement, vasectomies, and vasectomy reversals, Dr. Karpman and his team can be trusted to help you improve your male performance and treat any men’s health issues with care and grace. When you need to be at your best, our Mountain View Urologists have your back.

Helping Men Achieve Their Potential

Meet Dr. Edward Karpman, Los Gatos Urologist

“My practice encompasses all aspects of men’s health, and I enjoy helping restore function in men as they get older. My objective is not only to get guys feeling better and living longer but help them understand what caused the problem in the first place. This is an important part of preventing recurring problems. My experience as a thought leader in men’s health helps provide my patients with the most sophisticated and current treatment options.”

Edward Karpman, MD, FACS
El Camino Urology Founder

Meet Dr. KarpmanUrology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View

Dr. Edward Karpman is a board-certified Urologist in Mountain View and one of the few urologists who is also fellowship trained in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Microsurgery and Male Sexual Dysfunction. He is the medical director of the California Vasectomy and Reversal Center and the Men's Health Center at El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos. He received an Honors degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Davis, and then went on to medical school at the University of Vermont, where he was recognized with the James Demeules Surgical Research Award and placed in the top five percent of all U.S. medical school graduates on his Board of Medical Examiners examinations.

After that, he received a coveted fellowship at the Texas Medical Center/Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He has written extensively on male infertility, penile implant surgery, and sexual dysfunction in men. He has been featured in numerous parenting publications, including Parents and Bay Area Parent. As well as proctoring procedures such as laser surgery of the prostate, penile implants, and male incontinence, he is actively engaged in the research and development of novel technologies for the treatment of prostate enlargement. Dr. Karpman enjoys spending time with his two sons and surfing and snowboarding in his spare time.

Urology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View
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You Can Do It

Vasectomy In Los Gatos And Mountain View

The Vasectomy is often recommended by doctors when a man decides he doesn't want children, or when he has had as many children as he wants and does not want to rely on his partner for lifelong birth control. Men often feel anxious about vasectomy procedures, but Dr. Karpman and his staff are excellent at calming those fears and delivering safe, effective results.

VasectomyUrology Mountain View

Change You Can Count On

Mountain View Vasectomy Reversal

When a couple's life circumstances change, such as when partners remarry, lose a child, or express a wish to have more children, a vasectomy can be reversed. Dr. Karpman and his team have decades of experience successfully reversing vasectomies and restoring the ability to have children naturally. Schedule a consultation to learn about Vasectomy Reversal options.

Vasectomy ReversalUrology Mountain View

Straight Up Relief

Mountain View Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronie's disease occurs when scar tissue or inflammation forms under the skin of the penis due to trauma or minor injury. The penis may become indented or bent, leading to more discomfort or difficulty during sexual activity. Dr. Karpman brings both surgical and nonsurgical options for relief from Peyronie’s Disease, so schedule your consultation today.

Peyronie’s Disease TreatmentUrology Mountain View

Stake Your Claim

Penile Implants in Mountain View

If you walk into a room full of men and bring up erectile trouble, you might as well expect radio silence. Even though 1 in 4 men will experience Erectile Dysfunction, men are uncomfortable with the topic. Most men who experience ED first turn to prescription drugs, though they don't always work. A Penile Implant is a medical device designed to appear and feel like a real penis and is surgically implanted into the penis.

Penile ImplantsUrology Mountain View

The Performance of a Lifetime

Mountain Wave Shock Wave for Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men worldwide worry about Erectile Dysfunction (or ED). The good news is that there are effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. The use of shock wave therapy is a cutting-edge modality in medicine. Dr. Karpman can answer all your questions about this fascinating new treatment modality for ED and help you determine the path that works for you.

Erectile DysfunctionUrology Mountain View

Patient Testimonials

Urology Mountain View

“Our family thanks you!”

“This review is long overdue! I had a vasectomy reversal in December 2016. Now we have a four-year-old son. Miraculously, we are expecting another son in December. My mother joked that I have a patent on boys. Dr. Karpman, when I told you I was a plumber, I'll never forget what you told me. It makes me laugh even now that you, too, are a plumber but on a smaller scale. Right on, brother, keep on plumbing! Our family thanks you! We will post a picture soon.” — Christopher P., Vasectomy Reversal Patient, Alameda, CA

“Follow-up visits were a breeze.”

“Dr. Karpman knows what he is doing! My Vaso Vasectomy went great. And we have a baby now! Costs were upfront and clear with no changes. Follow-up visits were a breeze. Again thank you, Dr. Karpman, for helping us grow our family.” — Speedy K., Vasectomy Patient, San Francisco, CA

“I have no regrets and highly recommend the procedure”

“Dr. Karpman is an excellent Urologist. I suffered from ED for about 15 years and used supplements and viagra medication. However, eventually, this did not work anymore. I learned about penile implants and found Dr. Karpman, who does these on a regular basis. Everything went according to plan as far as the operation was concerned, and the implant worked fantastically. I have no regrets and highly recommend the procedure. Steel hard erections and no more frustrations!” Ron G., Erectile Dysfunction Patient, Monterey County.

“Well, this has been the absolute best experience in my entire life.”

“Dr. Karpman is the best. I had a vasectomy over 18 years ago, and Dr. Karpman performed a reverse vasectomy for me. I was worried about paying money for a reverse vasectomy, not knowing if it would be successful. Well, this has been the absolute best experience in my entire life. The procedure by Dr. Karpman was the easiest and one of the most professional in my life. Six months after the reversal, my wife became pregnant. Today, my wife and I are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much, Dr. Karpman.” — Ronald V., Vasectomy Reversal, Corona, CA

“Confident that I was in the best hands possible”

“The very best in the business. Treats men like men, is very open and honest with his answers to your questions, and genuinely wants you to get what you pay for. Met with me before surgery, explained the procedure, and made me feel confident that I was in the best hands possible. My post-op appointment was no different, and my belief in him was confirmed when he showed me active sperm from my sample. DO NOT HESITATE. He is as good as anyone around.” — Marcus B. Urology Patient, Hayward, CA

Urology Mountain View
Urology Mountain View

Unique Men Require Unique Care

The El Camino Urology Philosophy

Each patient is unique, and so is our approach to caring for them. At El Camino Urology in Mountain View and Los Gatos, we take a holistic approach to improving your quality of life.

From improving sexual functions and enhancing performances to treating prostate cancers and infertility, Dr. Edward Karpman and his team have unique skills and expertise to ensure results you can count on. Dr. Karpman is fellowship-trained in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Microsurgery, and Male Sexual Dysfunction. He stays on top of the science and technology trends, bringing the highest quality of care to patients when they need it most. To learn more about our Men's Health procedures from a board-certified Urologist Mountain View patients can call us at (650) 962-4662 to schedule a consultation.

The Accessible Urologist

Removing Boundaries for Care

El Camino Urology wants to ensure that men have access to life-changing, and in some cases, life-saving, care. Dr. Karpman and his team are accessible from your consultation to treatment and post-operative care. This allows you to get answers to questions that may arise. We also want to remove financial barriers from receiving the care you deserve, and we accept most insurance plans. We will work with you to find a financing plan that works best for your budget. We open our doors and want to work with those who may be interested in traveling to Mountain View, CA, to get the best urology care. We will work with you to help you find lodging and post-operative care while you are away from home.

Urology Mountain View
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Start your journey to reclaim your sexual reproductive health. From infertility to erectile dysfunction and more, Dr. Edward Karpman has your best interests in mind. Schedule your consultation today!

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