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Vasectomy in Los Gatos and Mountain View, CA

Vasectomy Mountain View

Birth Control in Your Hands

Mountain View Vasectomy with Healthy Male

A Vasectomy in Mountain View is an excellent way to avoid unwanted pregnancies if you're at an age or stage of life where having kids isn't in the cards. This is a deeply personal and potentially life-altering choice, so it's important that you fully comprehend what it is and isn't before making it. Dr. Edward Karpman at Healthy Male - El Camino Urology Medical Group takes his time explaining and ensuring you are making the best choice for you and your family.

Common and Successful

What is a Vasectomy?

A Vasectomy is the most popular surgical sterilization method in the United States, with around 600,000 procedures done every year. It's a surgery that sterilizes males. Once the Vasectomy is successful and there is no more sperm in the semen, couples can have intercourse without worrying about getting pregnant. A Vasectomy has a success rate of 99.9%.

Remove the Oops

What are the benefits of a Vasectomy?

The clear advantages of having a vasectomy encourage men and their partners to consider it seriously. The traditional responsibility of birth control is often placed on the female spouse alone; however, this is alleviated when permanent, reliable contraception is in place. With a vasectomy, the man in the relationship takes charge of family planning, relieving the pressure off of the woman. In addition, no more costly contraceptive plans are required.

Most people can afford condoms and other contraception, but have you ever calculated how much a year's supply will cost? Insurance typically covers vasectomy costs, but we work with our patients to ensure this is affordable, even if they aren't. You're free to act whenever the mood strikes you. Contraception, in all its forms, can restrict one's ability to act on impulse. With a Vasectomy Mountain View patients are getting a permanent method of birth control. The efficiency of the technique does not fade over time.

Vasectomy Mountain View

Maintain an Active, Healthy Sex Life

Your Vasectomy Consultation

When you are ready to take charge of birth control in your relationship, you want to ensure you’re in the best hands possible. Dr. Karpman at Healthy Male wants men to feel in control of their health, wellness, and their futures. Through a vasectomy, you can maintain an active and healthy sex life with your partner without the risk of pregnancy. Schedule a consultation to learn how our Mountain View Vasectomy procedure is easy and safe, putting control in your hands.

In Office, Under 20 Minutes

Your Vasectomy Procedure

Vasectomy is a procedure that is typically done in a doctor's office using local anesthesia. Only in rare cases will the Vasectomy need to be done in an operating room. The surgery is done by making a small opening in the skin of the scrotum, which is numbed with a local anesthetic. The doctor then locates the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicle to the penis. The vas deferens is tied in two places and a small piece is cut out. After that, the opening in the scrotum is closed. The whole process takes less than 20 minutes.

Vasectomy Mountain View

Take It Easy

Vasectomy Recovery and Aftercare

After a Vasectomy, the recovery time is usually brief. Your doctor may suggest taking it easy for one to three days after the procedure. Many people can go back to work the day after the procedure, especially if their job is not very physically demanding. Some people choose to have the procedure done on a Friday and rest over the weekend.

After Treatment

Vasectomy Incision Pictures

The following pictures demonstrate the general healing process immediately after the Vasectomy. Dr. Karpman uses a No-Scalpel Technique with tiny “keyhole” openings through which the procedure is performed. Typically, maximal swelling is seen 48-72 hours after the procedure, and maximal bruising is seen 4-5 days after the procedure.

Day 1 Pictures immediately after Vasectomy procedure. Two small openings performed high on the scrotum using a no-scalpel vasectomy technique.

Vasectomy incision Day 1
Vasectomy incision Day 1

Day 2 Incisions are clean and dry. Minimal swelling, no bruising.

Vasectomy incision Day 1
Vasectomy incision Day 1

Day 3 Maximal swelling is seen approximately 48 hours after the procedure. Minimal swelling is seen in these pictures. Slight bruising is seen above the left incision on the left photo which is normal.

Vasectomy incision Day 1
Vasectomy incision Day 1

Day 4 The swelling usually begins to subside at this point. Incisions have two small scabs. Bruising seen over the left incision is not progressing.

Vasectomy incision Day 1
Vasectomy incision Day 1

Day 5 Swelling has completely subsided. Maximal bruising is usually seen at this point after the Vasectomy. The bruising remains small and confined to just above the left incision.

Vasectomy incision Day 1
Vasectomy incision Day 1

VasectomyFrequently Asked Questions

A no-scalpel vasectomy is a type of vasectomy procedure that doesn't involve cutting the scrotal skin with a scalpel. Instead, a special instrument is used to make a small opening in the skin. The rest of the procedure is similar to a regular vasectomy. This technique has some benefits, such as less pain and bleeding at the site of the procedure. Patients also benefit from the psychological advantage of not having a scalpel used. Many doctors who specialize in male reproductive surgery are trained in this procedure. The video below shows an unedited, full-length no-scalpel Vasectomy procedure performed by Dr. Edward Karpman at the California Vasectomy & Reversal Center.

No-needle vasectomy is a method of performing vasectomy that does not use a needle to deliver local anesthetic. Instead, a jet anesthetic device is used, which provides the same type of anesthetic as a regular Vasectomy. This device helps avoid pain and discomfort when a needle is inserted into the scrotal skin.

Most insurance companies will pay for some or all of the costs of a vasectomy, which is much cheaper than a pregnancy. If your insurance doesn't cover it, many surgeons will perform the procedure for less than $1,000. This may seem expensive, but a Vasectomy is a smart financial decision considering raising a child costs about $10,000 per year.

There are various options for male contraception, but none are as reliable as a Vasectomy. While there is no dependable male contraceptive pill available yet, couples can opt to use condoms to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, condoms can break, decrease sexual satisfaction, and cause issues for those with latex allergies. The withdrawal and timing methods are other techniques but are unreliable and lead to unwanted pregnancies. For female contraception, options include birth control pills, spermicides, sponges, intra-uterine devices, implantable hormone pellets, and tubal ligation. Birth control pills and hormone pellets are dependable but increase the risk of medical problems. Spermicides and sponges can cause irritation, and intra-uterine devices may migrate out of position. Tubal ligation is an abdominal surgery that requires general anesthesia.

Many people who decide to have a Vasectomy in Mountain View are certain that they don't want to have any more kids in the future. If they have any doubts about their decision, two options are available to them. The first is to freeze some sperm before the procedure, which can be stored for many years. The other option is to have a vasectomy reversal, which can be successful even 30 years after the initial vasectomy. After the procedure, it's important to wait until two semen samples confirm that the vasectomy was successful and there are no more sperm. This usually takes up to 24 ejaculations. It's also important to note that a vasectomy doesn't protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so other precautions are necessary in those situations.

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