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Many of our patients are surprised to find out that their men’s health procedures aren’t covered by their insurance providers. After all, if you’re trying to have a family, procedures like vasectomy reversals are pretty crucial to your reproductive health!

Don’t worry; El Camino Urology Group has you covered. Should you need to undergo a cash pay procedure, we offer financing options that can get you the care you need without having to wait. Financing is available for the entire cost of the procedure with low interest rates, based on your credit history. This is available to any patient who qualifies. We can also arrange a payment plan if necessary.

We want you to get the care you deserve from a highly experienced El Camino microsurgeron. After all, shopping for a microsurgeon is not like shopping for a car. Not all men’s health surgeons are alike, and simply choosing the lowest-price surgeon does not ensure the same quality treatment. Less successful surgeons will try to offer cut-rate deals, incentives, or money-back guarantees to entice patients, only to not be able to deliver high-quality surgery or care.

When you choose El Camino Urology Group for your procedure, you can feel confident that a highly trained, board-certified urologist will be overseeing and performing your surgery. That peace of mind is worth the cost.

If you have lingering questions concerning the financial aspect of your visit, our office administrators are on-hand during our regular business hours to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Start your journey to reclaim your sexual reproductive health. From infertility to erectile dysfunction and more, Dr. Edward Karpman has your best interests in mind. Schedule your consultation today!

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