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“This review is long overdue! I had a vasectomy reversal in December 2016. Now we have a four-year-old son. Miraculously, we are expecting another son in December. My mother joked that I have a patent on boys. Dr. Karpman, when I told you I was a plumber, I'll never forget what you told me. It makes me laugh even now that you, too, are a plumber but on a smaller scale. Right on, brother, keep on plumbing! Our family thanks you! We will post a picture soon.” — Christopher P., Vasectomy Reversal Patient, Alameda, CA

“Dr. Karpman knows what he is doing! My Vaso Vasectomy went great. And we have a baby now! Costs were upfront and clear with no changes. Follow-up visits were a breeze. Again thank you, Dr. Karpman, for helping us grow our family.” — Speedy K., Vasectomy Patient, San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Karpman is an excellent Urologist. I suffered from ED for about 15 years and used supplements and viagra medication. However, eventually, this did not work anymore. I learned about penile implants and found Dr. Karpman, who does these on a regular basis. Everything went according to plan as far as the operation was concerned, and the implant worked fantastically. I have no regrets and highly recommend the procedure. Steel hard erections and no more frustrations!” Ron G., Erectile Dysfunction Patient, Monterey County.

“Dr. Karpman is the best. I had a vasectomy over 18 years ago, and Dr. Karpman performed a reverse vasectomy for me. I was worried about paying money for a reverse vasectomy, not knowing if it would be successful. Well, this has been the absolute best experience in my entire life. The procedure by Dr. Karpman was the easiest and one of the most professional in my life. Six months after the reversal, my wife became pregnant. Today, my wife and I are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much, Dr. Karpman.” — Ronald V., Vasectomy Reversal, Corona, CA

“The very best in the business. Treats men like men, is very open and honest with his answers to your questions, and genuinely wants you to get what you pay for. Met with me before surgery, explained the procedure, and made me feel confident that I was in the best hands possible. My post-op appointment was no different, and my belief in him was confirmed when he showed me active sperm from my sample. DO NOT HESITATE. He is as good as anyone around.” — Marcus B. Urology Patient, Hayward, CA

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