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What is a Penile Prosthesis or Implant? Healthy Male-El Camino Urology Medical Group

What is a Penile Prosthesis or Implant?

Penile implants have transformed the lives of men all over the world who live with erectile dysfunction, or ED. These prosthetic devices are placed directly into the corpora cavernosa to facilitate a full erection that is adequately rigid for penetrating intercourse. They are a safe, discreet and highly effective treatment for men with even the most severe cases of erectile dysfunction who do not respond to ED medications.

Malleable and Inflatable Penile Implants

There are two types of penile prosthetics – inflatable and malleable. Both are custom-fit to the patient and placed completely under the skin with no visible external components.

Inflatable implants are used in approximately four out of every five penile implant procedures, as they provide the most natural feeling and appearance. Two-piece implants include a pump and inflatable cylinders and require that patients gently pump the penis into an erect position and hold it in a downward position to release the erection after intercourse. Three-piece units also include an internal reservoir and valve system, which will quickly inflate and deflate by triggering the resevoir or releasing the valve.

The other type of penile implant – a malleable prosthetic – consists of a hard cylindrical implant that is placed within the penis where blood would normally flow to stimulate an erection. The implant remains firm and pliable at all times, allowing it to simply be lifted into the erect position and remain that way for any length of time. This type of implant is often recommended for patients with dexterity impediments.

High Success and Satisfaction Rates

We understand that many patients have concerns about the appearance, feel and function of a penile implant, as well as the recovery and safety of a penile implants procedure. However, penile implants carry a very high success rate and more than 95 percent patient and partner satisfaction rating. Furthermore, implants can be used on-demand, providing a far more hassle-free experience than alternative ED treatments, such as penile injections.

Inflatable penile implants are unnoticeable to others, and they will not affect the feeling of sex for either the patient or his partner. In fact, an inflated penile implant causes the penis to become thick and stiff like a natural erection without affecting sensation, orgasm or ejaculation.

Penile implants are 510(K)-Cleared and cause virtually no side effects. Implant procedures are very fast and performed using a minimally invasive technique whenever possible. This translates to a shorter recovery time and a quicker return to sexual activity after surgery. In fact, many patients who undergo penile implant surgery will return home the same day as the procedure.

Is a Penile Implant right for you?

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