You are probably thinking that since your vasectomy was covered by your insurance plan then your vasectomy reversal should also be covered. However, very rarely will a vasectomy reversal be covered by insurance. This leaves the entire responsibility for the cost of the procedure on the patient.

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It is important to remember several important points when considering your vasectomy reversal surgeon. The first is whether or not your microsurgeon is performing your surgery at an accredited surgery center affiliated with a hospital or is he doing this procedure in the office. Performing the procedure in the office might save you some money, but it also can jeopardize your chances of success and unnecessarily place you at risk.

The second important consideration is whether or not your microsurgeon performs vasectomy reversal with some intravenous sedation. Full general anesthesia requires a certified anesthesiologist to administer and to monitor you throughout the procedure. Full general anesthesia ensures that you will be 100% pain free during the vasectomy reversal. Avoiding general anesthesia can save you additional money for your vasectomy reversal but will also make the procedure more painful and possibly jeopardize your chances of success unless you are able to lay completely still during your vasectomy reversal. Also, it is nearly impossible to perform the more complex epididymovasostomy if the need arises without general anesthesia.

Finally, shopping for a microsurgeon is not like shopping for a car. Not all vasectomy reversal surgeons are alike and simply choosing the lowest price surgeon does not ensure equal success rates. Oftentimes, less successful surgeons will try to offer cut-rate deals, incentives or money back guarantees to entice patients. If you closely evaluate these guarantees you will notice that they are reserved only for patients with motile sperm identified at the time of surgery and the guarantee states that only as few as 1 million sperm should be present after the vasectomy reversal to void the guarantee. Any fertility specialist will tell you that it is almost impossible to get pregnant with such a low sperm count and offering such a guarantee is meaningless. Most respected microsurgeons do not participate in such practices as these are misleading and divert attention from the quality of the operation to some type of incentive.

We offer our patients one flat rate of $8,000 for vasectomy reversal. Whether a vasovasostomy or the technically more challenging epididymovasostomy is required, you won’t be charged any extra. Unlike many vasectomy reversal surgeons, we do not charge extra fees for re-do vasectomy reversals. We believe that you should not be penalized for choosing your previous surgeon and our success in re-do vasectomy reversals is equally impressive compared to our first time reverse vasectomy procedures. We will also perform the cryopreservation procedure at no additional charge. If you choose cryopreservation of sperm, there will be a small additional charge for the processing and storage of the sperm. Included in the cost of the vasectomy reversal is your initial consultation, general anesthesia and surgery center fees, any post-operative follow-up related to the procedure and a semen analysis performed on-site. We offer a very competitive rate for vasectomy reversal and our staff can help arrange payment options.

Financing is available for the entire cost of the procedure for as low as 1.9% based on your credit history. This is available to any patient who qualifies. We can also arrange a payment plan if necessary.

If you have lingering questions concerning the financial aspect of your visit, our office administrators are on-hand during our regular business hours to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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